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Papers On U.S. International Relations & Foreign Policy
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Wit And Wisdom: Will Rogers And Benjamin Franklin
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Benjamin Franklin was a man known for his satire, as was Will Rogers. Both men found that they were appreciated for putting the political arena into a common man's perspective and, often, with their tongue in their cheek. This 5 page paper explores, briefly, the lives of these two great men, comparing and contrasting their special contributions to satirical humor. It also includes a one page outline. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: KTrogben.rtf

Kant, the Categorical Imperative and the Invasion of Iraq
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This 4 page paper uses Kant’s categorical imperative to ague that the U.S. invasion of Iraq is immoral. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: HVkntirq.rtf

Trends in Terrorism
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This 10 page paper is really three essays combined into one paper. Three sections address different subjects related to terrorism. Sections are as follows: I. Major trends in terrorism in recent years; II. The most important emerging trends in terrorism; III. Major organizational patterns of current terrorist groups and how they may or may not change in the future. Many issues are addressed including biological warfare, suicide bombing and Internet terrorism. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: SA503ter.rtf

“An overview of Cypriot history from 1878 to the present day, with specific reference to UK and US involvement in the island”
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A five page paper which looks at the history of Cyprus since the beginning of British colonial rule in the nineteenth century, and considers the respective roles of the UK and the US in the island’s aspirations towards independence and the ongoing conflicts with mainland Turkey. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: JLcyprus.wps

“Aspects of US Involvement in the Middle East”
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An eight page paper which looks at different aspects of American involvement in the Middle East, including relations with Iraq and Iran, the impact of the Cold War on the Gulf states, the importance of religion in Islamic politics, and the way in which the role of Turkey within the Middle East has evolved historically. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: JLUSmideast.wps

“Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage” by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew
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A 10 page book report that considers some covert U.S. Navy operations that were never detailed by the news media. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: TGbmbluf.rtf

“Buddhism and music”
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A five page paper which looks at the relationship of music to both individual and communal religious practices with specific reference to Buddhism, in terms of the form and function of the mantra, the relevance of music to personal enlightenment and public ritual, the accompanying musical forms which are most commonly associated with chants and the type of instruments which are used. Bibliography lists 2 sources
Filename: JLBudd.rtf

“How Holocausts Happen, The United States in Central America”: A Review of the Book by Douglas Porpora
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A 3 page overview of the contentions presented by Porpora that the public opinion surrounding U.S. intervention in Central America was similar to the public reaction to the Jewish Holocaust as it was perpetuated by the German Nazis, that general apathy allows such Holocaust-like events to occur. This paper contends that while Porpora is correct in his contention that the U.S. has been at least indirectly involved in many atrocities in Central America, to compare the events which have unfolded there to the Jewish Holocaust of World War II is an overt distortion of the facts and circumstances.
Filename: PPholoCA.rtf

“Lyndon Johnson and the gold standard”
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A twelve page paper which looks at the domestic and foreign policy issues surrounding the change in the monetary exchange standard in the 1960s, the part played by the IMF and the G-10 countries, and the possible rationale behind some of the policy decisions made by Lyndon Johnson at the time. Bibliography lists 7 sources
Filename: JLJohnson.rtf

“Militant Islam Reaches America” by Daniel Pipe
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A 6 page paper which examines and analyzes Daniel Pipe’s work “Militant Islam Reaches America.” Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: RApipisl.rtf

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A five page paper which looks at the status of refugees and the problems which are faced both by the refugee communities and the host countries in which they are temporarily resident. Bibliography lists 5 sources
Filename: JLrefugee.rtf

“Rise to Globalism, American Foreign Policy Since 1938”: A Review of the Book by Stephen E. Ambrose
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A 5 page overview of the considerations presented in the first three chapters of this book by noted author Stephen E. Ambrose. The author of this paper describes Ambrose’s book as a concise review of American foreign since pre-World War 2 to the present. While most history books delve into the intricate details of the most overt aspects of American foreign policy, Ambrose’s book encompasses more events but fewer details. It is an excellent primer, however, on the full manifestations of American Foreign policy and our rather rapid ascent to globalism. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: PPglbAmb.rtf

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